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Pennsylvania Farm Show 2014 Berks County Radio

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Pennsylvania Farm Show 2014 - our 9th year educating the public about Hempzel Pretzels, Natalies Choice Omega Foods and all the potential if our farmers were given a choice.  Meeting folks from all over, here are a group of wonderful Canadian - new fans of Hempzels - they know chanvre in French & hemp in English. One of the great things about doing this show - all the people. 

It's always a good thing when students come by the booth, see video below of three soon to be graduates of Octorara High School class of 2014 stop by to get the latest news, munch on some Hempzels and say hello - so I had to jump in with my fellow alumni.  

NOTE 2015 - Our 10th Year Set up - this year a major hemp growing announcement; here's the map & where it is in conjunction with our booths . 


WEEU Berks County Radio DJ's - Great guys - 2014