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Scheduled for 2020

  • APRIL 3 & 4 2020

    APRIL 3 & 4 2020

    YES IT" 2020 - April 3rd one session & Two Sessions April 4th - An Annual event for us - GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY ! Read More
  • January 16th Lancaster Farm Center

    January 16th Lancaster Farm Center

    Lancaster Hemp Farm Day 2020
  • PA FARM SHOW! Saturday January 4th to January 11th 2020

    PA FARM SHOW! Saturday January 4th to January 11th 2020

  • Our Pretzels  CbD soda

    Our Pretzels CbD soda

    Avant Garde Theater Serving HOT HEMPZELS! & More. Read More
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Reflecting today on 12/31/19 on the first year in 2005 coming to the famed Pennsylvania farm show to set up a hemp booth. 

  • You can't build a business with out selling a product and the Pennsylvania farm show provided me the opportunity to introduce to a world wide audience our Lancaster County Soft Pretzel enriched with Hemp Flour, Hemp Seed & Hemp Oil.
  • The Staff starting with Maintanence & Mac's department has been the most helpful group including the security guards - we've never had an issue there.
  • We've seen over a milllion people, 100,000 a year have to have walked by the booth over the 15 years that it's been set up.
  • Some people come to our booth first when they arrive - we feel honored.
  • It's been a great way to get direct feed back from customers and create wholesale business relationships - that store owner can see how well folks like the produds in our booth.
  • It's helped shape our marketing direction. 

BELOW ARE A FEW NOTES FROM PREVIOUS YEARS - I loved capturing videos - customer testimonials - awakenings when foliks finally understood that hemp made sense and thus here we are going into 2020 full steam a head.


Right after the holidays we are rocking into the annual Pennsylvania Farm Show - join us, sample our Hempzels, Mustard & more.

Countdown, November, December, January 9th, 10th, 11th, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 2016 the 100th Anniversary of the Pennsylvania Farm Show the Hempzel's Booth will be here our 11th year. Two booths 5008, 5009 - more focus on the Hempzel Soft Pretzel Swirls 8 packs, mustard and more, we'll been signing folks up who are interested in growing hemp for Hempzels - the seed we need. We'll add more to this as things roll in & get baked right after Christmas. Spread the word, like us on Facebook.

Kudos to Senators Folmer(R) and Schwenk (D) for their announcement and press conference to be held on the first day of the 99th Annual Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on January 10th, 2015 at 4:30pm. On the McClay St. entrance the event will be in the Keystone Conference Center (see map) in the Deleware Room. Thanks to Keystone Cannabis Coalition for cooridinating, petitioning and instigating this moment. More to be added 11/10/14 -  

Map with location of Hempzels and News Conference

Last year 2014's line up of testimonials. See you soon 2015 to add your support to the cause.

Brandon Dug the Hempzels enough to get an 8 pack to take home.

Start the morning with a hot hempzel - what's your favorite booth?

Nick from Hershey - Chef rock it. 

 Family all love Hempzels. Unique. Great tasting - heathier.

Octorara Alumni coming out yearly to support the Hempzels effort to Free the Seed!.

Justin Nick & Paul - Octorara Graduates Sowing Seeds.

New fans Brady & Friends Learn & Choose



His-story Page

ArticleJuly2003 PretzelsWithTwist Photo


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Recipes Hempzels™

Hemp + Pretzels = Hempzels(c)!

Working to free the hemp seed since 1997


Retail direct through our website or wholesale / distribution direct. Hemp pretzels, hemp mustard, hemp seed, hemp nut butter, hemp granola bars, through Pennsylvania bakeries, we are adding value to trdtional product lines - we call it, Hempzelization - to became aware of hemp and specifically "Hempzels(tm)". 2015 is our year, starting out with a product that we've been offering at events and to select restaurants in bulk. Now today we have our new 8 pack swirl bag ready for the frozen food aisle of our local & regional stores staring in 2016.  Launched at the annual Pennsylvania Farm Show - our 13th year. Now we are on the verge of growing hemp in Pennsylvania, 2017 join us at events being posted.  Historically the company in the beginning......

Sunday99In 1997 a few local guys (Ralph RIP, Mark T,  Don ..) as "No Problem, Inc."  were selling hand painted hemp fabrics, working with local seamstresses to create custom hemp outfits, they happened upon hempseed and after using some hemp seed meal to bake a pretzel in Don's house) they found an old bakery in Hanover, Pennsylvania who helped develop a single line of Sourdough Hard Hemp Pretzels. They did one run of nuggets with one of the largest pretzel companies in the US - Anderson Pretzels but the seed meal wasn't the right formulation. 

It all changed with the formulation thanks to Richard Rose & his new "HempNut" that he introduced us to via Germany at the Hemp Industries Association conference in 1997?  In 1999 Shawn House purchased the assets of No Problem, Inc. took over and expanded the relationship with other Pennsylvania Preferred Bakeries & Packaging Facilities. Unfortunately from 2000-2004 the Government through agencies decided to create havoc in the new industry by indirectly outlawing hemp in foods..(see Just Say Know Campaign)

We've been putting a new twist on some old favorites over the years. First off at Hempzels - It's "About the Seed - not the weed ™ Every day is Hemp History Day - Just Say Know Campaign. Education about hemp has sometimes overshadowed the products but the deeper message is contracting with local and regional farmers for hemp seed, hemp flour and hemp oil.

What is made by PA Preferred Bakeries - 

  • Hemp Soft Pretzel Cosmic Swirl (TM) - January 2015 the retail 8 pack swirl release. We are looking for small regional cold service distribution - east coast first.

You can "like us" on FACEBOOK.

Your business keeps the dream alive for Lancaster Trading House, Inc. so that we can continue making Hempzels®  Feel free to donate - spread the word. Thank you - The Staff

BGR Racing!


Hempstone Heritage

I Hemp Revolution

Customer Comments

  • Jon wrote: "I just have to say, your pretzels are fantastically delicious and nutritious! My family loves them and we're hooked! I take the frozen pretzels and spray some olive oil on them, sprinkle some Himalayan pink salt and put them in the toaster. They come out great every time."

  • We are loving your products and so are our customers - Zoetropolis

    Read More
  • Superior Pretzels! - Diane Fornbacher!

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