Friday, September 18, 2020

Chef Guy Mitchell - Hempzelized!

A few years back in Atlantic City I had the pleasure of meeting Chef Guy Mitchell who had connections & still does with the White House. My first "commercial" ha ha. Chef Guy tell's me VP Biden loves our Sourdough Garlic Hempzels. Thanks Chef - help us sow the seeds about hemp for our children's future.

Chef Guy meet's Hempzels® helper - Les Stark who interviews Chef Mitchell at the Atlantic City Seafood Festival - thanks for being a great sport Chef.

Jammin Jellies - All Good Extras

September New Big Website Changes

9/5/2020 - Be prepared for a better website:

  • The transition is happening in the back end
  • is 22 years old but it has been a novice work in progress
  • Time to let RedLab Media guide us - we think you'll like the new look, feel and responsiveness.
  • Why did it take so long? Capital - Connections - Critics - Cajoling. 
  • So many changes hempening in 2020 that this was a good time to evolve.

Pretzel Connection


Grilled Cheese & Pepper Jam Recipe

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HEMPCheeze & Pepper Jams 

We use - A Panini Grill / 1 Swirl / NC Cherry, or red hot pepper jam / Mustard / Cheese

  1. Pre-heat your panini / foreman grill or press.
  2. Slice a thawed Hempzel™ hemp soft pretzel swirl in half.
  3. On a baking sheet we coat the outside of both halves with coconut oil & or olive (to avoid nut allergies)
  4. On the inside we put a thin layer of NataliesChoice™ Sweet/Hot Cherry Pepper Jam or Red Hot HEMPepper on both inside halves
  5. Add your favorite cheese, we like provolone or mozzerella -
  6. One to be adventurous - Add a line or two of Our Mustard That Bites Back
  7. Put together and lay on Panini Grill - press down for 2 minutes - again to your liking similar on your grill at home.
  8. Serve with a side of sauce, more mustard or jam.

41552595 10156582316527641 2811829588777238528 n Pictured on bread in 2018 - 2019 will be swirls!

Customer Comments

  • Absolutely loved the feature article in CPBJ today! I appreciate your positivity, dedication, and perseverance. You are an inspiration to business owners and entrepreneurs here in Lancaster County! - Christine, Lancaster PA

  • Keep on keepin on. Love Hempzels.] Ryan H - Educate & medicate

  • "These hempzels are amazing in flavor!" - Debra - Lancaster PA

  • "5 stars" from Michelle W in Harrisburg, PA

  • "Hempzels original sourdough pretzels and their horseradish hemp and honey mustard have captured my hemp heart! Keep making those pretzels and I will keep dipping them in that mustard." - Wendy V - Dauphin County, PA

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