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Good Time Tricycle Productions!

Jon Henderson Promotor / Producer / Owner of Good Time Tricycle Productions is a fan, and instigator of the annual Beer Festival in Atlantic City. 



October into November New Big Website Changes

10/21/2020 -  We are combining the three websites now under one site.:

  • The transition is happening in the back end thankst to Red Lab Media.
  • Hempzels.com is 22 years old but it has been a novice work in progress
  • Hempzels.com, Natalieschoice.com and Lancaster TradingHouse.com will reside under one site.
  • Resellers will have easy access, customers will like the easy secure ordering, look and feel. .
  • Why did it take so long? Capital - Connections - Critics - Cajoling. 
  • So many changes hempening in 2020 that this was a good time to evolve the last quarter of the year.
  • At this moment approximately 2 more weeks - 

His-story Page

Hemp + Pretzels = Hempzels™  The Journey, newspaper articles from 1997 to today  Welcome to a little bit of the His-Story.

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Hempzels™ History pre 2000 BC

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Hempcar with Hempzel logo on bumper


July 2001

"Hemp foods pack nutritional punch" Vishal Khanna, Natural Foods Merchandiser  Sunday, July 15, 2001

9/09/01 Hempzels™ Wormtown Music Festival - Massachusetts - not a good event - drove home Sunday morning & the trailer disconnected under George Washington Bridge, NYC Monday 4am.9/11/01

Twin Towers in NYC Destroyed By (2) Hijacked Passenger Jets. Majority of hijackers are Saudis The Fight Over Oil Begins


DEA Rule Bans Hemp Food Products On Feb. 6, it will be illegal to sell or import hemp-containing foods, under a new rule of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The DEA says it is interpreting and enforcing an existing rule, which doesn't require formal rule-making procedures. But critics charge that the agency is simultaneously soliciting comments for a new rule with the same wording and effect….


"DEA Heads Off Hemp At National Headquarters" by Preston Peet  Drug War.Com reporter November 8, 2001-

12/04/01"Hemp-Product Seller Goes To Bat Against DEA Rules" Posted on December 04, 2001 By David Griffith, Intelligencer Journal Staff12/25/01

"Rule may stop US hemp industry" Tuesday, December 25, 2001,ONE News


"Hempzels were good, and had no after-effects" Published on December 19, 2001, INTELLIGENCER JOURNAL (LANCASTER, PA.) To the Editor: I took part in the hemp law protest ("Hemp product seller goes to bat against DEA rules," Tuesday, Dec. 4) aimed at the DEA's failure to enact credible drug laws, which now include banning hemp food products containing zilch for THC.I was sent a case of Hempzels pretzels, made by Shawn Patrick House of Lancaster, to hand out as samples along with surveys to send to the DEA. After the occasion, I tried some of the contraband pretzels and they... (sorry no link available)

"Cannabis Prohibition tries clearing shelves" by Lewis Whitten - Rebel Yell, NV 01/28/02



02 / 10


"This Bud's Not For You" - Time Magazine - February 10,2002 - by John McCloud

Hempzels™ mentioned -


US NY: Marijuana Case Dismissed Against 3 Who Had Hemp (HEMPZELS &  Ruth's  BARS) Fri, 29 Mar 2002 Source: Daily Gazette (NY)


Volume 4, Issue 5 2002 Natural Horse Magazine "WHY NOT HEMP" http://www.naturalhorse.com/archive/volume4/Issue5/article_13.php (link broken)


"Local businessman to speak on hemp" Published on June 18, 2002, LANCASTER NEW ERA (LANCASTER, PA.) = link not available presently. "Shawn Patrick House, president of Lancaster-based Hempzel Pretzel Co. and Lancaster Hemp Co., will speak about marijuana at 7:30 tonight in the public room of the Philadelphia Inquirer, on River Road/Route 23 in West Conshohocken.House has been using legal industrial hemp seed to manufacture and market his line of pretzels, Hempzels, since 1998.His presentation, "Hemp-Cannabis-Marijuana: Politics Today," will include samples of raw materials, historical"


HIGH ON HEMP Alan Pell Crawford,August 2002, Vegetarian Times Article: Alan does a great job but there are also a few misquotes. Garden Spot Food Distributors doesn't handle 1000 of hemp products. At least not then and at this date they don't.



Hempzels™ owner Shawn House with Jim from Conestoga Historical Society standing by original Conestoga Wagon with donated 100% hemp covering provided as thanks to the society for helping with disastrous Pequea Silver Mine Hemp Project in August of1998




DEA Employees Take Hemp Food Taste Test in 65 Cities
Americans 'Just Say No' to DEA Attempts to Ban Hemp Food Products
April 22, 2003, Adam Eidinger / Mintwood Media 06/03

PRETZELS, WITH A TWIST Intelligencer Journal Pubdate: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 Source: Intelligencer Journal (PA) Section: Business Monday, Page 1 _



10/03 Food Trends: October 2003 A Twist on Pretzels - By Denise Shoukas Specialty Foods.com
11/03 Naturally Hemp, November 2003by Brenda Porter, Vitamin Retailer Magazine



"Local pretzel maker wins food award" Published on November 3, 2003, INTELLIGENCER JOURNAL (LANCASTER, PA.) Shawn Patrick House, owner of Hempzel Pretzel Co. in Lancaster, won a "Veal Oscars" award at the annual Atlantic City Gourmet Food & Gift Show for his line of crunchy "Peaces" & Gourmet Soft Hemp Pretzels. House had previously won a second place award from Food Distribution Magazine for his Sesame Crunchy Peaces in a blind taste (link not available - sorry)


"Art students wrestle with designs for local pretzel manufacturer's packaging"  Published on November 6, 2003, Lancaster New Era (PA) - no link - sorry. Great Picture Click to enlarge, 2 very talented art students from the Lancaster / Harrisburg School of Art & Design



Hemp Madness Infects Government Drug Enforcers: Ann Woolner Jan. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Open the plastic bag and a musty smell wafts up from brownish green matter. This is stuff the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration doesn't want you to have. You can get it, anyway, if you know where to look. And if things go as they should, someday soon it will become a lot easier to find. This is hemp protein powder, the latest food product made from the hemp plant. Not as tasty by itself as hemp granola or snack bars, it's fine added to other food, like soups, shakes and, perhaps, brownies.  There's nothing mind-altering about any of it, and if you think there is, you're confusing hemp.



Attempt To Ban Hemp Foods Go Up In Smoke – 9th Circuit Court Rules Against the DEA for second time


Last date DEA can file an appeal to the Supreme Court – They don’t - Pictured Adam Eidenger & wife of Mintwood Media Collective who helped spread the word and challenge the logic of the establishment.


Hempzels™ set up at the Pennsylvania Farm Show PA Preferred


Industrial Hemp Farming Act Introduced at Packed Capitol Hill Hemp Food Lunch HR 3037 Would Give States the Right to Regulate Farming of Versatile Hemp Plant Introduced by Republican Congressman (TX) Dr. Ron Paul.

07/2005Hempzels™ at Ontario Hemp Alliance meeting to see the Hempfields at Dan Scheeles farm in London Ontario - 3rd year growing hemp, this year growing for seed to replant & sell to farmers. SPH pictured in blue in middle - 1/3 of attendees in picture. Canada leading the way.01/2006

Hempzels™ set up at the Pennsylvania Farm Show –  PA Preferred Distribution Into West Coast To Start,Future Products Fiesta Hemp 4 Bean Dip & more

03/2006Hempzels™ 2nd time to Canada for the Ontario Hemp Alliance Meeting

www.ontariohempalliance.org Pictured Gordon Schliefe & Farmer Dan Scheele.

05/2006House of Hempzels™ Fairie Festival Annual Event- Glenrock, PA



Hempzels participates in Libertarian Party of York's Booth -

L - right: Shawn House - Owner

Ed Gately - Senate Candidate Green Party - York, PA 28th dist.

Jim & Les Stark - Hempstone Heritage & friends of liberty.

Paralegal Extraordinaire Bill Kessler - LP York County Secretary & Activist.  All Were Helping Fair Attendees Understand Hemp.


Atlantic City Gourmet Food & Wine Show - Hempzel Pretzels "Best Pretzels" 2006 www.gourmeshows.com Winner 2005  Best Pretzels - Peanut Butter & Hemp Filled Pretzel Nuggets Winner 2003  Best Pretzels - Soft Cranberry Soft Pretzel



January3rd Times A Charm At the 91st Annual Pennsylvania Farm Show

Showing History from Jack Heror's Book - The Emperor Wears No Clothes -

Educating farmers & attendees about HR 3037 to change the Federal Law - Hemp Is An Agricultural Issue Not A Drug Issue.

Central Penn Business Journal Writes Article on Hempzels - Published 01/19/07 Vol.23 No. 3

02/13/07HR 3037 is NOW HR 1009 "Industrial Hemp Act of 2007" Introduced by Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) & cosponsored by some Republicans & Democrats...Urge your local representatives to help this become law and bring hemp farming back to your local community.03/02/07http://www.npicenter.com/anm/templates/newsATemp.aspx?articleid=17920&zoneid=2    Jan 2007