Atlantic City Tattoo Expo Annual

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Last year - 2014 November 7,8 in Atlantic City, NJ.The crew at Hempzels' is proud to be participating in many events promoted by Good Time Tricyle Productions. Here is the now annual Atlantic City Tattoo Festival photo's & highlight videos of our new fan's & customers who are sowing the seeds of positive change. Jon Henderson makes it happen.

MC - Syxx saying Goodbye as we leave our first annual AC Tattoo Festival.

Leaving the Tattoo Festival saying bye to Syxx

2 new Hempzelized fans from NYC who wanted to tell everyone how good our stuff is!

Bllodline Inc - Nick & Deana - take 2 times to express the love for Hempzels. 

Take 1 - Nick tell us again; xoxoxo

Northern Liberty Tattoo - Verb doesn't like mustard - Except for Hempzels!

Brittany Sox - one of the many winners at the tattoo festival gives us a shout out!