Hemp plus pretzels = Hempzels, exported from Lancaster, PA.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Hemp Seed Info

Why hemp seed?

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Hemp plus pretzels started "Hempzels(tm)" in the late 1990's, using the whole seed, crushed into flour, along with the hemp oil depending on the product line. All legally imported - non drug varieities of hemp seed that you can consumer by themselves without the complex carbs from the wheat in our hand made pretzels. In Lancaster County we also have the whole seed ground into a tahini type hemp seed butter under Natalieschoice.com.

Hemp adds a "nutty" flavor, darkness to the grain, increases protein levels and other nutrition from this gluten free grain. It's not a nut but a vegetable. Packaged in a Pennsylvania Organic Ceftified Facility across the river from Hempfield Township our seed is packaged for the market & bakeries. 

Hemp Seed is imported & packaged in a Pennsylvania Certified Organic Facility that is powered by Solar and Thermal. Located across the river from Hempfield Township. .Re-Certified by Rabbi Green Kosher & Gluten Free.