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Start thawed

Keep pretzels frozen or cold - there are no preservatives in them.
Preheat your oven 350 degrees - use water, olive oil, coconut oil or butter like Aunt Anne's
Hempzels are swirled since their is less gluten in them than traditional pretzels.


Top Your Swirl

Salty or sweet? That's my question for you.



Heat Them Up

350 Degrees for 3 to 5 minutes depending on oven.

Microwave few minutes - conventional oven is best.




  • hot with mustard
  • parmessan for pasta and soups
  • danish with cinnamon or icing
  • 4oz SwirlReinBeauscreation
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For Gastric Bypass Patients - Half our Pretzel is Ideal

Understand from a gastric bypass surgery patient why Hempzels(tm) are a better pretzel for them.

New York Ladies Love Hempzels

Christina and Robin from NYC just got Hempzelized(tm) loving the swirls & mustard - great combination, great friends great pretzels with protein, omega 3 and taste great - new friends.

Soft Pretzels Info Soft-hemp-pretzel-8-packs-swirls






Wholesale Form

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We are proud to announce Tom & Ralph of TKA & Associates who are brokering the Hempzels(tm) & Natalie's Choice Lines for the Lancaster Trading House, Inc. If you have a store or business that is interested in our product lines we presently have distribution of Hempzels Mustard, 6 pack Original Sourdough and Nut Butter through

Garden Spot Food Distributors. We will ship certain products through Fedex ground or deliver if you are in a 30 mile radius of our HeadQuarters in Columbia, PA. Our location is not a public access retail location. We ship retail direct through our shopping cart.

Wholesale Accounts will eventually access order information to place on line orders or call 1-800-USE-HEMP anytime for a representative or a our 24/7 answering machine. Thanks, S.P.House - owner


  • Preparation Instructions

    How to prepare Hempzels

  • Soft Pretzel Production Date

    Baked On 8/29/18 / Swirls & Gluten Free Stix to be added on soon.

  • Wholesale Distribution

    Under Construction: F.O.B. Lancaster, PA 17601 - Shipped Fedex Ground - 

    Section for Wholesale distribution / bake dates / relevant for placing orders & verification.

    UPC-A 6-53939-

    • Distributors of Hempzels

      Distributors are being encouraged in 2018 to make appointments for Production On Demand with 2 to 3 week lead time depending on item or quantity. Mixed pallets can be arranged but we encourage pick up FOB Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Call or email for bookings.


      Presently these distributors are picking up & have some products available - we will ship wholesale direct to stores or events and to any consumer that cannot get our product at their local market or shop.

      Cavallaro Foods Stocks our Mustard That Bites Back™ and Hemp Seed. 






       2. Garden Spot Food Distributors - New Holland, Pennsylvania distributes Hempzel's 







      1. Horseradish Hemp & Honey Mustard, Natalie's Choice Omega Foods Hemp Seed Nut-less butter and Whole No Salt 8oz Hemp Seeds.
      2. Frankferd Farms / Saxonberg Pennsylvania picks up out our cold storage facility
      • Wholesale

        The Hempzels.com site is being developed in the 2nd quarter of 2015 to accomodate stores ordering direcly only for their retail established customers. We hope to have a best by - production date on line for registered users to help with stores & regional smaller distributors. If you are not a store and are reading this we will increase our volume discount through the retail direct shopping cart. Distributors Included in Wholesale direct by the pallet. 4/4/15 - 

I'm not a pretzel person but these are good!

Renee from Severna Park Maryland is a pretty picky eater and professed earlier to not really liking traditional soft pretzels - but she's now in the Hempzels(tm) team and liking that their is more nutrition and flavor in a Hempzel(tm) pretzel made in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, soon available retail in 2014./p>