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October into November New Big Website Changes

10/21/2020 -  We are combining the three websites now under one site.:

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  • So many changes hempening in 2020 that this was a good time to evolve the last quarter of the year.
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Hemp + Pretzels = Hempzels™  The Journey, newspaper articles from 1997 to today  Welcome to a little bit of the His-Story.

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BGR Racing to free the hemp seed

BGR Racing Wrap 2013

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         During the off season, we assembled a strong list of like minded companies and organizations that agreed to help us ignite our personal goals of educating the racing community on the importance of self awareness, positivity, healthy eating and the risks of GMO foods, as well as the use of reliable and renewable resources. Hemp was the corner stone of our educational movement due to its incredible efficiency and sustainability as food, fiber, textiles and fuel. Hemp could also be a very sustainable product in racing for its fiberglass and composites. Each time we were at the track, we handed out brochures and talked with fans about our cause. We attended The Hemp Heals Music Festival in Philly with our race car on display, spreading sprint car and hemp awareness. We were also able to sell BGR merchandise and our Hempseed Fundraisers to raise money for the team. At Hemp Heals, we met, shook hands, and talked with hundreds of people that expressed gratitude for our contributions to the Hemp movement. As for our performance on the track, the 2013 season started off very promising. After being out of the seat for well over a year, Team BGR picked up a heat race win at Big Diamond Speedway for the URC season opener in late April. Starting the feature in 2nd, we led 2/3 of the race and came home with a 3rd place finish. This was a great confidence booster for the whole team towards the new season and new direction. Our second race of the season at Selinsgrove Speedway was not as kind to us. In the feature event, we fell unfortunate victims to a multi-car pileup racing through the first corner after taking the green. The car had been rear ended hard and sent nose first into the wall, leaving extensive damage to both ends of the car. We feared our season was over as quick as it began. But with the die hard, never say quit attitude of the team, the car was rebuilt in record time and affordably with help from fellow racers Johnny Mackison Jr. and Adrian Shaffer.

                Back in action again, we returned to Selinsgrove with the ESS and dropped out of our qualifying heat due to motor issues forcing us into the B-main. In the B-main we missed the show by one position. Grandview Speedway was the following race where we came home 13th against the URC.

                In late June we headed west to Bedford Speedway for the first of a two race weekend. During the opening laps of the heat race, we lost the engine. It was the straw that broke the camel's back. Being a self funded team, the funds just weren't available for the rebuild. Knowing that this was going to cost more than we could save in a short period of time, we accepted the reality that our season racing season was over. We've got some saving to do!

                While our racing efforts may be slighted for now, our evolution hasn't. Team BGR is constantly trying to grow and improve not just our race team, but ourselves as individuals. As we each grow and progress, collectively we bring that growth and progression to the team. While we aren't able to guesstimate when we will return to the track, we are constantly thinking of creative sustainable ways to raise money hoping to return as soon as possible. Team BGR is consciously striving towards achieving our goals and we are confident that our time is coming.

                We cannot fully express how grateful we are for your continued support. The last few years have been incredibly inconsistent and have shown us many challenges. Challenges we have overcome. Challenges that have made us work smarter, harder and really think outside the box. But without challenges, we do not evolve. So, we have embraced every challenge and used them to our advantage!

                The new year of 2014 will be fast approaching and we will be ready, willing and able to meet new challenges and make it our best season to date. We have a list of goals we are working towards; first and foremost with being able to fund the motor rebuild. Another goal we have is to hit the track, in 2014, with the first ever HEMP based sprint car hood assembly. With Hemp being just as strong and light as carbon fiber, eco- friendly and more affordable; there's no doubt that Hemp can become a popular choice in the racing community!!! We know that being a tiny self funded team means we will always have a long uphill battle ahead of us, and that is again why we are forever grateful for your support. Team BGR could not exist if weren't for you!

Grass roots racing cants survive without grassroots racers. Thanks for keeping our roots alive!

Bryn Gohn
Bryn Gohn Racing
York, Pa 17402
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