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Jon Henderson - Hempzelized!

Jon Henderson Promotor / Producer / Owner of Good Time Tricycle Productions is a fan, supporter and overall we hate to miss his shows - we do his annual Beer Festival in Atlantic City. Here it from the man himself; why it matters;


Beer Festivals

Farm To Table March 2017

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PITTSBURGH PENNSYLVANIA 4 FARM TO TABLE!..  It's always a great event driving to Pittsburgh to share Hempzels(tm), hemp seed & see the customers enjoy the product lines. It's now an annual event at the David C. Lawerence Convention Center. Thank You! New & Potentional customers. at the  Farm To Table Event  2011, 2012 & 2013, 2014 & now 2015, now 2017. An endorsement from another event held in Pittsburgh - farm to table.

This weekend we will have a special batch of Natalies Gluten Free Chocolate Decadent Brownies & Some Gluten Free Breads to sample & purchase -
we have electric so the oven will also be out to fresh bake - soft Hempzels - and the 8 pack frozen will be availble for take home.
Please make sure to tell your East End Food Coop members, Whole Foods Members, Wegman's, Giant Eagle, & all the great little store that we sell Wholesale.
Lets get Pittsburgh Hempzelized again!


Yeah Phillies! Yeah Horseradish Hemp & Honey Mustard.

Our Hemp Seed Needs

Hemp plus pretzels - doesn't it make more sense to buy local? - We are committed. Hemp Seed, Hemp Flour, Hemp Oil for good foods.



Bloodline Tattoo's - Nick gives Hempzels a hell yeah!

Facebook Bloodline Tattoo's at 110 N. Main St, Pleasentville, New Jersey. He and Tina will vouch for the quality bite that Hempzels(tm) Horseradish Hemp & Honey Mustard has. It's a must have in the home front. We love Nick so much we gave him a second chance. Here is the first take at the Show.

Ah - with regained composure - a great couple Nick & Tina don't take his mustard xoxoxo to our new friend in New Jersey. Take 2 Action.

Jake - thanks for the trade - I like Silver Certificates from 1935 - thanks for the shout out and keep on truckin!