Hemp plus pretzels = Hempzels, exported from Lancaster, PA.

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Jon Henderson Promotor / Producer / Owner of Good Time Tricycle Productions is a fan, and instigator of the annual Beer Festival in Atlantic City. 



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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Hempzels Upcoming Events Hempzels Upcoming Events

Sample, purchase, get Hempzelized at these events

Farm To Table March 2018

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April 23 & 24th 2018 Join us for Farm2Table.

We will have take home soft Hempzel Pretzels / Sourdough Original, Jalapeno, Garlic & Traditional Hand Rolled Hempzels available along with our Mustard, Natalie's Nut-Less Butter, Garlic Jam, Hot Pepper Jams - Organic Granola Bars and More - Show special $20 / 1 8 pack of Soft Pretzels your choice of Mustard or Jam - 

PITTSBURGH PENNSYLVANIA 4 FARM TO TABLE!..  It's always a great event driving to Pittsburgh to share Hempzels(R), hemp seed & see the customers enjoy the product lines. It's now an annual event at the David L  Lawerence Convention Center. http://farmtotablepa.com/conference Thank You! New customers. at the  Farm To Table Event  2011, 2012 & 2013, 2014 & now 2015,  2017 and now 2018. An endorsement from another event held in Pittsburgh - farm to table.

we have electric so the oven will also be out to fresh bake - soft Hempzels - and the 8 pack frozen will be availble for take home.
Please make sure to tell your East End Food Coop members, Whole Foods Members, Wegman's, Giant Eagle, & all the great little store that we sell Wholesale.
Lets get Pittsburgh Hempzelized again!

Annual Events Qualification

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What's it take for the Hempzels(tm) crew to come out year after year? -  What do we do? Educate - sample & sell. Locally produced hemp food products through PA Preferred facilities - lots of historical information regarding canabis / hemp part of the "Just Say Know Campaign" - and of course product - as I tell folks as the owner - if I don't work I don't get paid & can't pay the bills. Promoters of events - do you want us at your place? - It's gotta be regional, the vendor fee has to be low, the load in & out should be without cost or obstruction. It's about creating a win win situation. Jobs and the local economy & the end to the war on hemp and cannabis. Please be aware that it's very expensive to drag everything out & set up. We return year after year to good events. One day events are tough, fund raisers are tough - it's not easy having your own business. Every little bit counts but for us to come out year after year - ask.




Get Hempzelized(tm)

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Working to Free The Seed

We've been told - the team & I that we have a cool booth - serving up great hemp products and a lot of education and inspiration to make a difference. The times are changing - we are happy to support the regional events who have stuck with us in the shakier times but for new venues we want to make sure that the booth space is not expensive, the people aren't being charged crazy fee's to get in & we can put on a little show & sell. Email your proposal - no west coast events - too far, too many expenses.

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Yeah Phillies! Yeah Horseradish Hemp & Honey Mustard.

Bloodline Tattoo's - Nick gives Hempzels a hell yeah!

Facebook Bloodline Tattoo's at 110 N. Main St, Pleasentville, New Jersey. He and Tina will vouch for the quality bite that Hempzels(tm) Horseradish Hemp & Honey Mustard has. It's a must have in the home front. We love Nick so much we gave him a second chance. Here is the first take at the Show.

Ah - with regained composure - a great couple Nick & Tina don't take his mustard xoxoxo to our new friend in New Jersey. Take 2 Action. www.facebook.com/nickbusherbloodline.com

Jake - thanks for the trade - I like Silver Certificates from 1935 - thanks for the shout out and keep on truckin!