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Friday, April 28, 2017
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Jon Henderson - Hempzelized!

Jon Henderson Promotor / Producer / Owner of Good Time Tricycle Productions is a fan, supporter and overall we hate to miss his shows - we do his annual Beer Festival in Atlantic City. Here it from the man himself; why it matters;


Beer Festivals

Hempzels at the Annual Fairy Festival

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May 5,6,7th, 2017 see us at the Annual May day Fairy Festival in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania at Spoutwood Farms - Below is Chris one of the managers at Kimberton Wholefoods Market in Downingtown. He & his partner share their thoughts about Hempzels.

Two Festival Goers Posing & Enjoying the pranks at the Fest.



The Fairie Festival (also known as the May Day Fairie Festival, or Pennsylvania Fairie Festival) is the music and arts festival currently held annually at Spoutwood Farm, that began in 1991.  The festival’s primary theme is to “celebrate the beginning of spring and all of the faerie and nature spirits’ return to the warm world”.

The May Day Fairie Festival is the brainchild of Rob and Lucy Wood, owners of Spoutwood Farm, an organic farm in the Community Supported Agriculture movement.  It began as a tea party for about 100 friends and their children, and attendance has grown to over 12,000 “friends” annually. Previously a one-day festival, a second day was added in 1997; a third, in 1999. The festival features artists and authors from around the world, local and international musicians and crafters whose work is connected to or inspired by folklore, specifically faerie lore.


First time Fairy enjoying her first Hempzel Pretzel



Yeah Phillies! Yeah Horseradish Hemp & Honey Mustard.

Our Hemp Seed Needs

Hemp plus pretzels - doesn't it make more sense to buy local? - We are committed. Hemp Seed, Hemp Flour, Hemp Oil for good foods.



Bloodline Tattoo's - Nick gives Hempzels a hell yeah!

Facebook Bloodline Tattoo's at 110 N. Main St, Pleasentville, New Jersey. He and Tina will vouch for the quality bite that Hempzels(tm) Horseradish Hemp & Honey Mustard has. It's a must have in the home front. We love Nick so much we gave him a second chance. Here is the first take at the Show.

Ah - with regained composure - a great couple Nick & Tina don't take his mustard xoxoxo to our new friend in New Jersey. Take 2 Action. www.facebook.com/nickbusherbloodline.com

Jake - thanks for the trade - I like Silver Certificates from 1935 - thanks for the shout out and keep on truckin!