Hemp plus pretzels = Hempzels, exported from Lancaster, PA.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

AC Seafood Fest Gluten Free Hempzel Fan

One of our most enthusiastic Hempzel Gluten Free Fans - she had a few servings at the annual Atlantic City Seafood Festival

Gluten free pretzel Hempzels

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AS of 2015 we haven't run through our regular soft Hempzel bakery any gluten free. It's too complicated with cross contamination. BUT we are partnering with a gluten free bakery that has produced some bread & brownies that we like - but regarding soft Hempzel Gluten free - not now. Sorry -

The vidoes you are watching is when we did produce a gluten free soft Hempzels - presently we have Gluten Free Hemp Brownies under Natalies Choice -  


Gluten Free Marlo At the Fairy Festival

Local lady Marlo was kind enough to give us her opinion of than new Hempzels(tm) Gluten Free Pretzel Stix. Another hemp snack food in the making - this was in 2012 at the Spoutwood Organic Farm in Glen Rock Pennsylvania for the annual Fairy Festival the first weekend in May. Thanks Marlo - we xoxoxo


New Hempzel Gluten Free Fan at Fairy Festival

Love The Hempzels & Hemp Seed

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First time Hempzel Gluten Stix