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Hemp should be local USDA not DEA

Hemp should be USDA not DEA

Hemp Heals Music Festival Philadelphia

Hemp Heals Music Festival

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                           I am so grateful that retired Philadelphia Flyer Riles Cote who reached out to me a few years ago. For the past few years we have continued to educate and each effort has brought us closer to ending cannabis hemp prohibition. Check out N.A.Poe and Scrapple TV who where smart enough to interview folks for 2014's event.                                                                                                                            

Now - we have the new date for 2015 - July 31st - what a great time for a PARTY! - Because 365 days a week is hemp history - hemp sales - hemp education - hemp motivation - hemp resilience to make a change in our "F" up world of crazy politics and plenty of poison - HEMP HEALS - another great four letter word. JOIN US with BGR, Les Stark & Eric of Keystone Cannabis Coalition and Pennsylvania Hempland Security.

 Shawn House of Hempzels at Hemp Heals Booth 2014 Thanks Riles and Hemp Heals




Hempstone Heritage

Hemp Heals Music Fest 2012 Shawn of Hempzels Speaks

<p> Off the cuff I was honored to be one of the speakers for the East Coast Hemp Heals Event instigated by Riles Cote a former Philadelphia Flyer - the "Enforcer" who is a firm believer in hemp for healing. My talk to the crowd - thanks Les Stark for capturing this moment in 2012 - I spoke again in 2013 - if you have a copy - contact us. Thanks.