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Hemp Heals Music Festival Philadelphia

Annual Hemp Heals Philadelphia Party

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July 31st - 2015 - at Penn's Landing Philadelphia along the waterfront - music, education, good times - we are on the outside corner booth!              Tickets On Sale Here


Meeting at Hempzel HQ - Riles & Shawn talk 


 @ Riles Cotes - Hemp Heals Music Foundation Philadelphia 2011? on stage before the crowds 





 Always jamming festive music




Hempstone Heritage

Hemp Heals Music Fest 2012 Shawn of Hempzels Speaks

<p> Off the cuff I was honored to be one of the speakers for the East Coast Hemp Heals Event instigated by Riles Cote a former Philadelphia Flyer - the "Enforcer" who is a firm believer in hemp for healing. My talk to the crowd - thanks Les Stark for capturing this moment in 2012 - I spoke again in 2013 - if you have a copy - contact us. Thanks.