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How did this brand come about - what newspaper articles have documented this? - Welcome to a little bit of His-Story.ArticleJuly2003 PretzelsWithTwist Photo


Les Starks Beginning Quit Your Job

Straight from the heart, Les Stark bares all in why he left his full time job at Shady Maple Smorgasboard last year in 2012 to sell his book - Hempstone Heritage and stay involved with his passion - legalizing cannabis / hemp for a better world and a new opportunity for him.


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Hempstone Heritage

Premium Ale Deserve Premium Pretzels

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When a great pretzel is made, darker grain compared to the others, full flavor & heck actually one with higher protein & some Omega 3's - pair it up with a cratt home style beer or ale or whatever your fancy is & you have part of the equation to responsible drinking - eating great Hempzels(tm) with that beer.

Since 1998 in the mid-atlantic region you might have seen the Hempzels(tm) crew serving up hot hemp pretzels & mustard. The longest shows are: Atlantic City Celebration of the Suds but if you have an event you think we should be at - Email or call & let's make it happen.


Author Les Stark Using Hemp Break at Hempcar event

Support Les's mission & buy his book, signed.

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