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Farm Show Video Testimonials Pennsylvania Farm Show

Hempzelized at the annual show.

Pennsylvania Farm Show 2006

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The second year set up? - PCN Cable Channel would come by every year for a few years in a row - maybe they'll come back for our 10th year - why? because what we've been showing is going to be happening in Pennsylvania 2015 and beyond.

. Volunteers Les Stark & Bryan B. Hempzelizing the crowd - giant time lines help folks understand why Cannabis  hemp was prohibited.

Pennsylvania Farm Show 2012

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Shawn House of Hempzels(tm)' has been participating at the annual Pennsylvania Farm show in Harrisburg Pennsylvania since 2005, always set the first month of the new year.  Our 8th year educating about hemp & serving hot soft Hempzel Pretzels, Mustard & much more....January 4th - 11th. Booth 5000-5001-5002 West Side near the MaClay St along the back wall in the Pennsylvania Marketplace area, close to the "butter sculpture". .  So if your order gets slowed down it's because the focus is education and the annual market..

PCN Films the booth & experience in 2011, 2010, 2009 - sowing seeds that are taking root. We should be growing hemp sooner than later.


This year we'll feature more history, imagery & products. Time line showing hemp / cannabis prohibition and debate. More historical information - Hempzels Hempland Security T-shirts, hot soft Hempzel(tm) Swirls, Mustard that "Bites Back" - Protein Powder, granola bars & much more.



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