Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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Working with Pennsylvania Bakeries & Packaging facilities since 1997 - Sourdough Hand Rolled Hempzels Baked On Demand. Frozen Soft Pretzel Swirls packaged 8 in a bag - adding value to traditional Pennsylvania products with the nutritious benefit and flavor of hemp seed, hemp flour, hemp oil. Our "Mustard That Bites Back™" a great compliment to our products and other recipes. Horseradish Hemp & Honey Mustard 11.75oz Jars sold in all Wegman's Grocery Stores - look out for our new point of purchase displays for hemp seed & mustard. UPC A - 653939-

HEMPeanut Butter & Hempzels Reading Eagle News

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The sourdough hempzel is certainly a pretzel with a twist. It's the first pretzel made with hempseed meal.

“Hempzels are the original hemp pretzel,” said Shawn House, owner and CEO of Lancaster Trading House Inc.

It was as early as 1997 that hempzels were produced. House purchased the business in 2004 with the goal of making hempzels a household word, and a household snack, while introducing more hemp food products into the marketplace.

“Our pretzels are darker, with a heartier grain, and are high in protein,” House said. “We've created something different.”

Lancaster Trading House owns Hempzels Inc., a registered brand, as well as Natalie's Choice, a trademarked business........


Hempland Security T-shirts and merch

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Join the team, support the effort buy a "Hempland Security" T-shirt silk screened on the back with the Hempzels Logo printed on the front presently in Cotton with a a few XXL, XL and Small in stock. Silk screened in Lancaster County. $15.95 on sale.

Blank T-shirts made of hemp & cotton blend that we didn't get silk screened are availbe blank while supplies last - Red & Tan in men - blue & tan in girls size Tank Tops. 

Our new printing has the new Hempzels Logo on the front with "Hempland Security" printed on the back - these are 100% pre-shrunk cotton dark colored short sleeve, and New York long sleeve T'shirts in XL, 2XL and 3XL - pictures coming shortly. Combination Package $25.00 - 1 Hempstone Heritage Book - 1 SM-MD-L-XL Short Sleeve Hempland Security T-shirt (cotton) by Hempzels(tm).


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