Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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Hempzels® the Brand Hempzels® the Brand

Hempzels® is a registered trademark and ©Lancaster Trading House, Inc.. Hemp pretzels, mustard and hemp seed produced in Pennsylvania with imported hemp seed - working to "free the seed".


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YES - the website is being worked on - call anytime; Questions?  Call -800-USE-HEMP (873-4367) to place your order with a representative. or email us - see icon on the right. Write:Lancaster Trading House, Inc; c/o Hempzel's -  PO Box 302, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17608-0302. Hempzel Pretzels, Mustard & Seed.

 Hempzels(tm), Lenka's Bars & Natalie's Products are available wholesale direct at www.lancastertradinghouse.com and www.natalieschoice.com is retail direct.

Hemp + Pretzels = Hempzels(c)!


Retail direct through our website or wholesale / distribution direct. Hemp pretzels, hemp mustard, hemp seed, hemp nut butter, hemp granola bars, through Pennsylvania bakeries, we are adding value to trdtional product lines - we call it, Hempzelization - to became aware of hemp and specifically "Hempzels(tm)". 2015 is our year, starting out with a product that we've been offering at events and to select restaurants in bulk. Now today we have our new 8 pack swirl bag ready for the frozen food aisle of our local & regional stores staring in 2016.  Launched at the annual Pennsylvania Farm Show - our 13th year. Now we are on the verge of growing hemp in Pennsylvania, 2017 join us at events being posted.  Historically the company in the beginning......

Read more: Hemp + Pretzels = Hempzels(c)!

Licensing Agreement with Our Soft Pretzel Bakery

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We are proud to sign a "joint agreement" - on May 2, 2019 with Dutch Country LLC to produce & distribute Hempzels™ Soft Pretzels - A licensing agreement will see a significant increase in sales through new distribution channels and a great reason to get raw materials or Hempzels™ from the local Lancaster County farmers.

Larger customers will deal directly with the bakery & slot orders that will be picked up at the bakery or our frozen location.

You can still order direct - we hope to go through some changes into 2020.


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    You might believe and it's true that your comments - especially the positive ones have kept this founder focused on developing great relationships with production facilities to make value added hemp foods such as Hempzels and Natalie's Omega Foods but ultimately to secure our imported raw materials also with our local farmers.

    These technological changes over the past 3 months have helped & hurt the business - the new website should create more synergy with our customers, the consumer, store and distributor.

  • Eating Establishments Serving Hempzels in PA

    These fine establishments are providing their customers with Hempzel Pretzels and or Horseradish Hemp and Honey Mustard or hemp seed...support them please!

    Zoetropolis - 112 North Arch Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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  • Hempzels In the News Media

    I was featured in the Lancaster County New Era in 1997 - 20 years ago at the ECO-AG Conference in the Lancaster Host Resort - a little bit of history - more to be added near the end - 

  • Hempzels® HiSTORY - Twisted

    The company was originally called No Problem Inc, started in the mid-nineties by Ralph Amato along with participating friends Mark Tucci & Don "Uncle" Riese. Ralph was bringing in hemp textiles and having the sewn custom made into wedding dresses or whatever a customer might want. They started having a Jamaican artist do Batik artwork on hemp canvas but the creation came about over the use of hemp seed meal and incorporating it into a pretzel...

    Ralph and friends were aware of hemps nutritional value.....hemp seed meal mixed into a traditional sourdough pretzel mix made by a small bakery in the snack food capital of the world & viola Hempzels...


    Hempzel's is a registered trademark of Lancaster Trading House, Inc. 2011

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  • Petitioning our elected Representatives

    My journey started pre 1992 as one of my libertarian friends would remind me. Thanks to people like Jack Heror who wrote the ground breaking book "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" - he inspired me to dig deeper into the complexity of Cannabis Hemp. Local Hemp Historian & collegue Les Stark did further regional and local history and his work helped others who I would talk to like Senator Folmer, Congressman Sam Rohrer, Senator Daylon Leach and others who stopped by my booth at the Pennsylvania Farm Show since 2005 - Thousands of knowledge seeds have been sown and many have taken root - your work individually is helping to right a wrong in Cannabis classification and scorn. In a complicated world we can do things simply again with less environmental impact as we've done through single sourcing of energy vs empowering the farmers for renewables. 

  • Product Line Evolution

    Hempzels® Brand Products - registered trademark of Lancaster Trading House, Inc. - Columbia, Pennsylvania  product image test!

  • Products

    Working with Pennsylvania Bakeries & Packaging facilities since 1997 - Sourdough Hand Rolled Hempzels Baked On Demand. Frozen Soft Pretzel Swirls packaged 8 in a bag - adding value to traditional Pennsylvania products with the nutritious benefit and flavor of hemp seed, hemp flour, hemp oil. Our "Mustard That Bites Back™" a great compliment to our products and other recipes. Horseradish Hemp & Honey Mustard 11.75oz Jars sold in all Wegman's Grocery Stores - look out for our new point of purchase displays for hemp seed & mustard. UPC A - 653939-

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