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Farm Show Video Testimonials

Pennsylvania Farm Show our 15th Year 2020

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Reflecting today on 12/31/19 on the first year in 2005 coming to the famed Pennsylvania farm show to set up a hemp booth. 

  • You can't build a business with out selling a product and the Pennsylvania farm show provided me the opportunity to introduce to a world wide audience our Lancaster County Soft Pretzel enriched with Hemp Flour, Hemp Seed & Hemp Oil.
  • The Staff starting with Maintanence & Mac's department has been the most helpful group including the security guards - we've never had an issue there.
  • We've seen over a milllion people, 100,000 a year have to have walked by the booth over the 15 years that it's been set up.
  • Some people come to our booth first when they arrive - we feel honored.
  • It's been a great way to get direct feed back from customers and create wholesale business relationships - that store owner can see how well folks like the produds in our booth.
  • It's helped shape our marketing direction. 

BELOW ARE A FEW NOTES FROM PREVIOUS YEARS - I loved capturing videos - customer testimonials - awakenings when foliks finally understood that hemp made sense and thus here we are going into 2020 full steam a head.


Hempstone Heritage