Easton PA Garlic Fest

Garlic Festival In Easton, PA

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Garlic Festival Annual

Even with the rain this is a good show, the folks are curious, and loved what they were eating; Lancaster County Soft Hemp Pretzel Swirls - This will be an annual event. thaniks to Jo & her volunteers.Get Stinky annually in Easton PA Hempzel Garlic Sourdough Natalies Garlic JamDay 2 Garlic Festival Easton getting Hempzelized Soft PretzelsWe have made aother match. Easton PennsylvaMeeting at the Garlic Festival with long lost Hempzelizers.nia is going to get Hempzelized at the Annual Garlic Festival.

We'll bring Hempzels Sourdough Garlic Pretzels and top our soft Hempzels with Natalie's Choice Garlic Jam.

Thanks to our old & new friends who came out to visit & keep me going.