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June Central Penn Business Journal Story

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Hemp entrepreneur won’t let COVID-19 keep him down

If you’ve visited the Farm Show in the past 15 years, you may have met a man who was ahead of his time. 

For years, Shawn House talked to anyone who would listen about the potential of industrial hemp, but only recently have farmers been permitted to grow the crop in the United States. 

House has helped educate the public on the benefits and uses of true Cannabis hemp through advocacy and marketing his unique line of hemp foods. As CEO of the Lancaster Trading House Inc., his list of items includes mustard, hemp flour, HEMPeanut butter, Hemp jam, Granola Bars, Nut-less Hemp Spread and the popular hemp pretzels, or Hempzels, a hempseed-flour-oil based soft pretzel, that he promoted to get a spot at the PA Farm Show beginning in 2005.  

Entrepreneurial Challenges

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Hemp Heals Music Fest 2012 Shawn of Hempzels Speaks

<p> Off the cuff I was honored to be one of the speakers for the East Coast Hemp Heals Event instigated by Riles Cote a former Philadelphia Flyer - the "Enforcer" who is a firm believer in hemp for healing. My talk to the crowd - thanks Les Stark for capturing this moment in 2012 - I spoke again in 2013 - if you have a copy - contact us. Thanks.