They tried to ban hemp pretzels

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How To Hurt A New Business - Scare them - Hemp Foods To Be Banned! 2000-2004

Just after 2001 the DEA tried to put ambigous language in the Federal Registry - a way of circumventing Congresses Constitutional duty to make laws. The language was "any" regarding the levels of "THC" in food products. Hemp foods have no THC that will affect a "false postive" for THC in your system from ingesting a resinous form of cannabis or slang - pot. Hemp is not a drug crop BUT this new industry that we had put our savings & lifes work into could be jeapordized by a crafty lawyer & litegent who might claim he or she ingested a hemp pretzel or other product & failed a test for employement all due to a thought that Hempzels had THC in their pretzels.....how was this announced?

through the newspapers in broad headlines - "HEMP FOODS TO BE BANNED" - thanks to the great folks at Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps who helped fund a major portion of the lawsuit that they & other companies - including Hempzels (a signatore) rallied to oppose this and finally by September of 2004 the time was up for the DEA to take their issue to the Supreme Court since the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled twice against the DEA putting language into the Federal Registry.