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Pretzels, wheat free pretzels,  Mustard, Hemp Seed, Hemp Flour, Gluten Free Bars, Hemp Nut Butter, excluding bulk hemp flour.

Pittsburgh Endorsement

Hempzels Fox 43 circa 2007 Sourdough Hemp Pretzels

Interview in 2009 at the bakery for Sourdough Hempzels Hard Pretzels.

Sourdough Hempzel Pretzels

Making Sourdough Hempzels

Out the Shoot For Kiln Drying

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What's This About Hemp Pretzels?

For over 25 years we've been producing pretzels enriched with hemp flour or hemp flour, hemp seed, hemp oil from agricultural, industrial hemp without issue.

Sourdough Hempzels

Making The Original Sourdough Hempzel

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There are less than a dozen old fashioned pretzel bakeries that hand roll and bake on a giant stone hearth wheel. Hempzels® Brand Crunchy Sourdough have the Original Sourdough formulation with the addition of hemp flour and brown rice flour. It gives a darker hue to the pretzel. They are fed into the oven through a giant pretzel piel - a giant Stone Oven Wheel turns slowly around and ultimately they are ejected & ready to be kiln dried. Sizes vary by experience on the line. Bags are weighed for 1/2 pound or in bulk. 

Just baked  every 2 - to 3 weeks - limited supply - shipping quickly.

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