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Restaurants Eating Establishments Serving Hempzels in PA

These fine establishments are providing their customers with Hempzel Pretzels and or Horseradish Hemp and Honey Mustard or hemp seed...support them please!

Zoetropolis - 112 North Arch Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

York Fair September 7th-16th

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Yes - We will be under the grandstand of the annual York Fair & other events held on the fair ground. A permant location with 19 seats where you'll get served Hempzels Soft Swirls topped sweet, salty or naked with dipping sauces, gluten free or regular along with Natlies Choice Panini style HEMPeanut Butter & Jelly. Sandwiches. First we need to retrofit Porky's Place and put in the oven & grills - and here are the changes..

Catch a Movie & Hempzel Downtown Lancaster

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 Located in Downtown Lancaster Pennsylvania this advant gaurde theature is adding a restaurant and more, enjoy Hempzels® grilled, with cheese, our mustard - sauces prepared by Alax & crew - 112 North Water Street, Lancaster PA 17601zoe smalllogo

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