Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Retail - June 4th 2020 come to the source

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130 Hellam Street - Rear Business Alley Way across from Jilly's Bakery up the road from the Burning Bridge Restaurant & Bar.

Disruptions have been a part of my companys struggle since it's founding during  2000-2004 we

  • weathered the DEA / Govts attempt to ban hemp foods. ...
  • survived  along with the criminal acts of  9/11
  • the 2008 financial collapse
  • wars abroad and now
  • a severe virus - so we are changing again.

 Note: We have plenty of inventory our baking partners are up and running -

  • we can and are offering discounts
  • free shipping because we are not amazon it still cost a lot to ship..

AND: : May 2020 our Concession Trailer as a retail outlet will open in Wrightsville PA -  close to the river.

be What can you order?

  • Everything we had at the York Fair / other events plus more
  • Sodas / Juices
  • take home /
  • We will still regionally deliver
  • easy order forms are being developed
  • call or email or ask for our new flyer

Thank you! Shawn House / Owner / CEO / .