Sunday, November 29, 2020

Updates - to our transition platform.

11/04/2020 - The New Site Is Still Being Tweeked - Continue To Shop Online November we'll release it!

November updated our inventory for production of  Hemp Sourdough Pretzel Peaces, Hemp Soft Pretzel Swirls, Hemp Horseradish Honey Mustard, Hemp Seed Whole, Hemp Seed Flour, HEMPepper Jam, HEMPeanut Butter and Hemp Jams, Starting in 1997 and Evolving With the Changes.  

Adjusting To Cancelation - Working On The Website daily to keep it up to date with inventory, specials, shipping adjustments, delivery and more!

Hempzels Fox 43 circa 2007 Sourdough Hemp Pretzels

Interview in 2009 at the bakery for Sourdough Hempzels Hard Pretzels.

Sourdough Hempzel Pretzels

November New Big Website Changes

11/4/2020 -  We are combining the three websites now under one site.:

  • The transition is happening in the back end thankst to Red Lab Media.
  • is 22 years old but it has been a novice work in progress
  •, and Lancaster will reside under one site.
  • Resellers will have easy access, customers will like the easy secure ordering, look and feel. .
  • Why did it take so long? Capital - Connections - Critics - Cajoling. 
  • So many changes hempening in 2020 that this was a good time to evolve the last quarter of the year.
  • This site is Joomla into Magento the new platform will be Odoo.
  • November - yes - and wholesale customers we will send you access - 
  • Thanks - Shawn P. House - Owner 

Phillie's Fan & his brother love Sourdough Hempzel

One customer at a time!

Out the Shoot For Kiln Drying

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What's This About Hemp Pretzels?

For over 25 years we've been producing pretzels enriched with hemp flour or hemp flour, hemp seed, hemp oil from agricultural, industrial hemp without issue.

Pennsylvania Farm Show 2014 Berks County Radio

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Pennsylvania Farm Show 2014 - our 9th year educating the public about Hempzel Pretzels, Natalies Choice Omega Foods and all the potential if our farmers were given a choice.  Meeting folks from all over, here are a group of wonderful Canadian - new fans of Hempzels - they know chanvre in French & hemp in English. One of the great things about doing this show - all the people. 

It's always a good thing when students come by the booth, see video below of three soon to be graduates of Octorara High School class of 2014 stop by to get the latest news, munch on some Hempzels and say hello - so I had to jump in with my fellow alumni.  

NOTE 2015 - Our 10th Year Set up - this year a major hemp growing announcement; here's the map & where it is in conjunction with our booths . 


WEEU Berks County Radio DJ's - Great guys - 2014

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