Hemp plus pretzels = Hempzels, exported from Lancaster, PA.

Hempzels Fox 43 circa 2007 Sourdough Hemp Pretzels

Interview in 2009 at the bakery for Sourdough Hempzels Hard Pretzels.

Sourdough Hempzel Pretzels

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Phillie's Fan & his brother love Sourdough Hempzel

One customer at a time!

Toppings for soft Hempzel Pretzels

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 Garlic has been a staple in the Hempzel's Sourdough Line of Pretzels - our Original Sourdough's are created and garlic is added into the mix. The Hempzel Soft Pretzels Swirls are served wtih Natalie's Choice Garlic Jam - Fantastic is all we can say.
Natalies Garlic Jam compliments Hempzels Soft Pretzel Swirls