Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Good Time Tricycle Productions!

Jon Henderson Promotor / Producer / Owner of Good Time Tricycle Productions is a fan, and instigator of the annual Beer Festival in Atlantic City. 



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New Fan!

Great meeting Verb, sharing Hempzel's & more! She's giving us a plug & we'd like to reciprocate - visit them at Northern Lights Tattoo - NJ or NY (will edit up soon)

Atlantic City Tattoo Expo Annual

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Last year - 2014 November 7,8 in Atlantic City, NJ.The crew at Hempzels' is proud to be participating in many events promoted by Good Time Tricyle Productions. Here is the now annual Atlantic City Tattoo Festival photo's & highlight videos of our new fan's & customers who are sowing the seeds of positive change. Jon Henderson makes it happen.

MC - Syxx saying Goodbye as we leave our first annual AC Tattoo Festival.

Leaving the Tattoo Festival saying bye to Syxx

2 new Hempzelized fans from NYC who wanted to tell everyone how good our stuff is!

Bllodline Inc - Nick & Deana - take 2 times to express the love for Hempzels. 

Take 1 - Nick tell us again; xoxoxo

Northern Liberty Tattoo - Verb doesn't like mustard - Except for Hempzels!

Brittany Sox - one of the many winners at the tattoo festival gives us a shout out!



Winner of best tattoo loves our Hempzels®

Britney Sox - one of the many winners at the Atlantic City Tattoo Festival 2013 held at the beautiful Tropicana Resort & Casino - see you next year? {youtube}TILWSTQMq3w&list=UU6M7u5_7sCdIYINq1gDeztg{/youtube}

Bloodline Tattoo's - Jake Enjoys

RIP Jake from Bloodline Tattoo - they miss you man - thanks for testifying to the Hempzels - at 110 N. Main St. Pleasantville, NJ loved Hempzels(tm) Soft Swirls - thanks Jake for the shout out to our new fans!. </P

Northern Liberty Tattoo Tell 'em Todd

One of the most direct honest dudes you'll meet - Todd at Northern Liberty Tattoo in New Jersey keeps it real with Hempzels(tm) -

Bloodline Tattoo's - Nick gives Hempzels Mustard a hell yeah!

Facebook Bloodline Tattoo's at 110 N. Main St, Pleasentville, New Jersey. He and Tina will vouch for the quality bite that Hempzels(tm) Horseradish Hemp & Honey Mustard has. It's a must have in the home front. We love Nick so much we gave him a second chance. Here is the first take at the Show.

Ah - with regained composure - a great couple Nick & Tina don't take his mustard xoxoxo to our new friend in New Jersey. Take 2 Action.

Jake - thanks for the trade - I like Silver Certificates from 1935 - thanks for the shout out and keep on truckin!

We Remember Spoutwood